When Your Most Motivated Employees Become Quiet

Most forward-thinking organisations are already measuring employee engagement levels within their respective organisations, so for these organisations, the first step in the employee engagement journey has commenced. The knowledge, skills and tools to address the gaps that are identified are often lacking, however, and these gaps need to be closed. This book identifies behaviours and actions that can be undertaken by leaders to engage meaningfully with employees and to create a sustainable environment that leads to passion being expressed, creativity being employed, and productivity being realised.

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The challenge for most organisations is not devising a vision, a set of values and a meaningful strategy, but to get its people on board. This book of essays will assist you in this journey. It will help your leaders and other employees understand the bigger picture of what the organisation is about and how they can contribute, align their needs and values to those of the organisation and help give meaning and purpose to their work. Through this, a culture of partnership will be strengthened where employees become active players in co-creating the future of the organisation.

Enjoy processing and cementing this employee engagement journey!


    1. The Organisation’s 21 St Century Context & The Leader’s Dilemma
      • Redefining The Organisational “Big Picture”
      • Accurately Utilising Existing Motivation For Productivity
      • Shopping For The Best Boss
      • Ignore The Emotions Generated By Change At Your Peril
      • Organisations Need Hearts Too
      • Recognising A Head And Heart Contributor
      • Getting Staff To Act On Needed Change
      • Cultivating A Vision For Team Effectiveness
      • The Question That Every Organisation Has To Answer
      • Doing Business “As If People Matter”
      • Leadership – Getting The Right People Executing The Right Priorities
      • Facilitating Organisational Transformation Is A Leadership Skill
      • Firing On All Cylinders
      • Straight From The Horse’s Mouth
      • Taking Talent To The Top Tier
    2. The Employee’s Dilemma & Potential Relationship With Leaders
      • When Organisations Are Too Secretive, Employee Self-Esteem Gets Damaged
      • Protecting Yourself In A Toxic Work Environment
      • Caring About The Emotional Wellness And Career Security Of Employees
      • Dispelling Suspicion Through Leadership Trustworthiness
      • Working Towards An Unabridged Professional Version Of Yourself
      • Most People Quit Their Bosses And Not Their Jobs
      • Recognising Need And Acting On It
      • Getting Back To Leadership Basics In Business
      • Is Your Leadership Behaviour Standing In The Way Of Getting Great Results?
    3. An Engaging Leadership Response
      • Identify With The Emotion Being Expressed
      • Leading With Character & Competence
      • Leading Through Influence
      • Feedback – Fertilizer For Leadership Growth
      • Leaders – Be Present!
      • Create An Organisational Environment Of Trust
      • Meeting Employee Communication Needs
      • Developing A High Performance Culture
      • Emotional Intelligence – The Heart Of Effective Leadership
      • Conducting Crucial & Candid Conversations With Staff
      • Instituting A Robust Performance Culture
      • Accurately Utilising Existing Motivation For Productivity
      • Balanced Leadership – A Critical Approach In Motivating Staff & Getting Results
      • Replacing Bureaucracy With Disciplined Leadership
      • All Managers Should Be Facilitators
      • A Leadership Character That Should Exist Rather Than Skin-Deep Beauty
      • Defining & Living Your Role Well At Work
      • Removing Obstacles That Hold Employees Back From Reaching Their Full Potential
      • Recognising And Uitilising Creativity In The Workplace
      • What To Do When Things Go Radically Right – A Lesson For Leaders
      • Slow Down For Orange Lights, Particularly For Performance, Attitude or Relational Issues
      • Keeping “Short Accounts” With Your Employees
      • Dealing Positively With Power Derived From Position
      • Management Influence Requires Responsibility Regarding Leadership Attributes
      • Practise Reflective Listening To Communicate At A Deeper Level
      • When Did You Last Have Coffee With Your Boss?
      • Specialising In The Impossible
      • Learning To Listen
      • Leaders, Support Your Staff
      • Managers, Don’t Manipulate, But Rather Influence
      • Using Emotional Impact To Motivate Others
      • Coaching Employees Towards Performance Excellence
      • Leading By Example
      • Dealing With Resistance In The Workplace
      • Pointing Out The Way As A Leader
      • Leaders Showing Up At Work With A Transformative Disposition
      • Motivating The Minds (& Hearts) Of Millennials
      • Stereotyping Stands In The Way Of Leadership Effectiveness
      • Leaders Should Be Force-Multipliers Of Commitment
    4. An Engaging Employee Response
      • Using Your Giftedness To Contribute
      • Positioning Yourself For Purposeful Promotion
      • Realising Your Full Potential
      • Restoring Your Inner Sense Of Purpose
      • Conquering Your Comfort Zones
      • The Need For A Coach To Optimise Growth
      • Unleashing Potential Through Pain
      • Intentionally Growing Your Life
      • Living And Working As A Result Of A Compelling Vision
      • Receiving Feedback As A Special Gift
      • Realising Your Vision For Your Life
      • Beyond “Mastery” Come Uniqueness, Innovation And Customisation
      • Owning Your Own Career Development
      • Developing Your Personal Brand
      • Improving Self-Esteem – Creating Probability For Success
      • Using Courageous Energy To Boost Emotional Capacity
      • Being Flexible For The Purpose Of Growing Your Career
      • Controlling Your Emotions At Work
    5. A Sustainable Approach To Employee Engagement
      • Visionary Leadership Lived To Create Organisational Success
      • Conducting Business From An Owner’s Perspective
      • Understanding Staff To Optimise Their Real Potential
      • Developing A Sustainable Future – Corporate Responsibility
      • The Need For Rest &Amp; Relaxation
      • Dealing Positively With The Inability Of “Backward Compatibility”
      • An Unrelenting Focus On Disciplined Execution
      • Making Training “Stick” With Your Staff
      • What’s On Your Mind? Instilling Company Vision And Values
      • Constructing Meetings To Get The Creative Best From Everyone
      • Twisting The Tail Of The Tiger – Saying “No” To Power And Greed, And “Yes” To Empowerment
      • Engagement Is The “Golden Thread” Of Empowerment
      • “Organisational Liposuction” – Sucking Out The Fat & Investing The Gains In Collaboration
      • Pockets Of Excellence – Identifying The Real Needs
      • Unleashing The Power Of Emotional Intelligence
      • Laughter Is The Best Medicine Within The Workplace
      • Learning From Unease And Anxiety In “The Hour Of The Owl”
      • Solving Cultural Resistance To Facilitate Sustainable Change In Organisations
      • Institutionalising Creativity And Innovation In The Workplace
      • Focus Is Essential For Strategy Implementation
      • Targeting Top Talent
      • Constructing Organisational Vitality
      • Facilitating Change-Readiness Through Story Completion
      • Stimulating Energy For Productivity
      • Finding The ‘Sweet Spot’ In Production Environments
      • Helping Your Employees Succeed
      • Creating A Climate Of Constructive Collaboration
      • Celebrating Workplace Successes
      • Appreciation Is The Foundation Of Motivation
      • Don’t Crack Under Pressure – Enabling Employees
      • Closing The Performance Gap With Effective Performance Conversations
      • Granting Employees Their Respective ‘Voices’
      • Coaching To Improve The Skillsets Of Employees
      • Engagement Catapults The Customer Service Ability Of The Organisation
      • Motivation Germinates In A Recognition Environment
      • Helping Employees Overcome Emotional Exhaustion In The Workplace
      • Managers, ‘Keep An Eye On The Weather’ Of Your Employees
      • The Human Resources Department Has A Strategic Role To Play In Employee Engagement

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