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The world is currently experiencing a leadership vacuum. It needs people who lead business with integrity, who are not motivated by greed, but by principles of sustainability and who treat clients and staff with respect and dignity. I am sure that there are many such leaders dotted around the world, but too few. Every country in the world needs business leaders who view their respective roles as “callings” and who view positional influence as an opportunity to serve.

It is not just business leaders who should take heed of examples of profound leadership, but politicians and other institutional leaders would also do well to follow such leadership modelling in the way that they govern countries and their respective organisations. Political “heroes” are few and far between – most politicians, once elected into position, spend all of their energy on “staying elected”, with little or no energy being applied to service delivery and keeping their electoral promises.

Stretch For Leaders has been created with the above in mind – providing all leaders with the principles and tools of profound leadership, the same of which, when applied effectively, create the environment for growth and the possibility of success for everyone.

The world is currently experiencing a leadership vacuum – are you going to stand up and be counted?

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Book Cover of When Your Most Motivated Employees Become Quiet

When Your Most Motivated Employees Become Quiet

A compilation of essential essays for comprehensive employee engagement

Most forward-thinking organisations are already measuring employee engagement levels within their respective organisations, so for these organisations, the first step in the employee engagement journey has commenced. The knowledge, skills and tools to address the gaps that are identified are often lacking, however, and these gaps need to be closed. This book identifies behaviours and actions that can be undertaken by leaders to engage meaningfully with employees and to create a sustainable environment that leads to passion being expressed, creativity being employed, and productivity being realised.

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